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Victory Nesting Set

poplar, milk paint, 24 x 9 x 3.

Charlie Brown Container

poplar, milk paint, quilted eucalyptus, 24 x 3 x 4.

Shift Series Container

paduk, fiddle back maple, 18 x 5 x 4.

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Shift Series Container

maple, rose wood, 18 x 5 x 3.5.

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Shift Container Series

paduk, milk paint.

Panda Container

maple, milk paint, rosewood, 20 x 6 x 4.

Home Decor features band saw boxes or containers, mirrors, spoons, nesting plates and shelving ideas. Band sawn boxes are exercises in form and are cut and shaped from one piece of wood. I enjoy implementing color and material changes on the inside of the boxes which makes each piece unique. Milk paint, hand textured surfaces and intricate veneer and lid liners. These pieces utilize both domestic and exotic hardwoods and veneers and are a wonderful gift idea. The spoons range in size and some are quite large 7 feet to 8 feet in some cases. These pieces were inspired by professional spoon maker Barry Gordan, who is an amazing spoon maker. These spoons are purely decorative and are designed to display on the wall or buffet table. The inside of the spoons are usually textured complimenting the spoke shaven handles. The mirror series is an experiment with surface texture and milk paints. There are several series of mirrors I have worked on and I usually create numerous pieces at a time. There are three series of mirrors a circular series, scalloped series and a curved series, all play off the same idea of experimenting with surface color and texture. The nesting plates were made when I was experimenting with hand texturing surfaces. Each piece has a set of three plates that seat inside of one another and decrease in size. These pieces can be displayed seated inside themselves or individually, they make great center piece for a table.