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Elegance Dining Chair

maple, nu Buck leather, 36 x 20 x 20.

Shift Container Series

paduk, milk paint.

Jazz Inspired II Mini

cherry, black milk paint, 3 stage touch dimmer, brass cluster head, glass, silk cord, 12 x 12 x 16.

Writing Desk

fiddle back mahogany, wenge, fiddle back maple, polished aluminum, rosewood, maple, nu buck leather, 63 x 36 x 17.5.

Scalloped Mirror Series

unkown exotic, mirror, prisma color pencil; 48 x 24 x 1.

Rocking Chair

mahogany, aluminum, wenge, pomelle sapele, nu buck leather, 36 x 21 x 20.

Jazz Inspired II Mini-Yellow

Jazz Inspired II Mini- Yellow is a smaller version of an original Jazz Inspired Lamp.  This lamp and every lamp in the series is based off the principle of the musical elements of a jazz tune and transforming them into the basic design elements of the lamp.  The end result is a very graceful and gestural piece that interact with the viewer in a whimsical manner. Jazz Inspired Mini features a hand textured surface that is base coated and top coated in the real milk paint companies colors.  12 x 12 x 18, led bulbs, inline dimmer, polished chrome hardware, poplar, milk paint.

Cantilevered Desk

pommel sapele, maple, ebony, fiddle back maple, african mahogany, 48 x 24 x30.