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Jazz Inspired Original Lamp

fiddle back maple, birds eye maple, ebony, aluminum, glass, brass, 3 stage touch dimmer, 16 x 16 x 25.

Boarders Blanket Chest

african mahogany, milk paint, hydrolic lid stays, ceder, 48 x 20 x 24.

Checkered Shelf Series

poplar, milk paint, 48 x 6 x 1.

custom built wood mortise and tenoned Espresso Stool

Espresso Stool

Custom built wood Espresso Stool is part of the contemporary seating products that features 12 mortise and tenons for durability and longevity.  Espresso Stool is made in the United States in Edinboro, PA by Cosmo Barbaro Furniture.  Espresso Stool is made from poplar,  milk painted with a custom espresso mix, lacquer, 20x12x24. Or if blue is not your color take a look at our Bright Red Stool  or our Espresso Stool Set.  If none of the colors peak your interest this curved series stool can be made in any of the real milk paint companies colors.

Boarders Dining Table

african mahogany, milk paint, 68 x 46 x 30.

Chocolate Sofa

nu buck leather, maple, milk paint, 70.5 x 36 x 30

Victory Nesting Set

poplar, milk paint, 24 x 9 x 3.

Twisted Floor Lamp

cherry, mahogany, wenge, maple, milk paint, glass, 150 watt halogen bulb, glass, 84 x 16 x 16.

Salvaged Cherry Gun Cabinet

cherry, milk paint, black felt, maple, chrome hardware, glass, 72 x 24 x 15.