Lighting has always been a passion of mine . I enjoy making all types of lamps ranging from floor lamps to desk lamps.  A variety of forms textures and colors are experimented with to create each lamp.  A series of lamps entitled Jazz Inspired Lamps stands out in my work.   Jazz inspired lamp series was designed as part of the my thesis.  While at R.I.T.’s school for American Crafts “Jazz as Inspiration” was the basis for my thesis work. This series of lamp was designed from a jazz tune, with no copyright intended, performed by Benny Goodman.  With the help of John Beck who was the head of percussion at the prestigious Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY.  I learned how to dissect a jazz tune.  Isolating the musical elements so they could be applied to a piece of furniture.  Once the musical parts were separated I transformed them into the basic design elements of the lamps. The gestural qualities that occur as a result of the music selected.  These lamps are very gestural and seem to have movement while they are standing still. These lamps come in four variations; Jazz Inspired Original, Jazz Inspired Lamp II, Jazz Inspired Lamp II mini and Jazz Inspired Twisted Variation.  All of these variations were offshoots of the Original Jazz Inspired Lamp design that I created in graduate school. Each piece utilizes exotic veneers and inlays. In addition each lamp features a solid wenge spheres at the top of the lamp and as the finial. All of my lamps feature solid metal cluster heads with articulating sockets, 60 watt equivalent LED bulbs, a silk cord and a in line dimmer. These pieces are timeless and will last forever.

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Textured Lamp Series


Mahogany, wenge, glass, brass, led bulbs.

Jazz Inspired Original Lamp

fiddle back maple, birds eye maple, ebony, glass, brass, 3 stage touch dimmer, 16 x 16 x 25.

Scalloped Floor Lamp

Among the Unique Hand Made Lamps exists the Scalloped Floor Lamp.  This orange and pink toned wood is amazingly dense and vibrant.  This unknown wood species is paired with wenge and a beautiful antique scalloped shade.  Another example of this pinkish orange wood can be seen in a smaller unique handmade floor lamp entitled Pin Striped Floor Lamp.  The whole premise of this design revolves around the shape of the shade; a large round diameter scalloped shape. 

Jazz Inspired – twisted variation


elm burl, wenge, glass, polished nickel, LED bulbs, inline dimmer.

Jazz Inspired Original Lamp

fiddle back maple, birds eye maple, ebony, aluminum, glass, brass, 3 stage touch dimmer, 16 x 16 x 25.

Jazz Inspired II mini

rosewood, wenge, polished nickel, glass, LED bulbs, inline dimmer

Twisted Floor Lamp

cherry, mahogany, wenge, maple, milk paint, glass, 150 watt halogen bulb, glass, 84 x 16 x 16.

Jazz Inspired II mini

satin wood, wenge, polished nickel, glass, LED bulbs, inline dimmer

Pin Stripe Floor Lamp


unknown exotic wood, prisma color pencil, aluminum, 150 watt halogen bulb, maple, glass, 68 x 10 x 10.