Pin Stripe Floor Lamp


unknown exotic wood, prisma color pencil, aluminum, 150 watt halogen bulb, maple, glass, 68 x 10 x 10.

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Pin Stripe Floor Lamp utilizes a species of wood upon which I am at a loss for the correct title.  The wood is vibrant pink to orange and very dense.  Pin Stripe Floor Lamp falls into the floor lamp family.  I would very much like to revisit a new line of floor lamps in the near future.  Other examples of floor lamps Scalloped Floor Lamp and Twisted Floor Lamp.  On some occasions the floor lamps I have designed have been physically imposing but this Pin Stripe Floor Lamp is not.  Instead, this piece has a softer presence and is not physically imposing in terms of height.

Wikipedia defines a floor lamp as the following.  Pin Striped Floor Lamp has a very genuine vintage feel due to the shade which was salvaged from a glass company in New York City.  The shade is beautiful and has influences of Deco Art.  The body was first 2 halves with a groove down the middle to accommodate the cord.    Once the groove for the cord is created the lamp upper and lower sections are glued together.  Then The pieces are taken to the lathe to have the shapes put on the cross sections.


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Dimensions 68 × 10 × 10 in
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