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Be it know that (buyer) agrees to purchase a custom piece of furniture from Cosmo Barbaro Furniture (seller).  All sales are final and PA sales tax is charged for in state sales.  Out of state sales are not charged PA sales tax.  The buyer understands that shipping and handling is extra and can be expensive depending on the size of the item and where it is being shipped to.  Each piece will be charge a flat shipping fee. The seller agrees to provide all packing material, construct the shipping crate and ship the insured item sold to the buyer.   

The amount of the item is to be paid in full at checkout on  All online sales are completed using a credit card.  An invoice will be sent to the buyer via email as soon as the transaction occurs.  They buyer will be given a tracking number for their shipment and it is extremely important that the buyer inspect the plywood shipping crate and the piece as soon as you receive it to make sure there is no damage.  If it is damaged in any way the buyer must contact the shipping company immediately and submit a claim for damages.  Should something unfortunate happen and the item is damaged through shipping then the buyer would be compensated by the shipping company as long as they submit a claim.  If the piece is a total loss the seller would rebuild this piece at the original sale price and only after the claim is paid out by the shipping company to the buyer.

All sales are final.  If any customer is unsatisfied or unhappy with any of my furniture for any reason please contact me to resolve the issues as soon as possible.  If for any reason the buyer decides to return the item purchased, they (the buyer) would be responsible for paying for all shipping & handling with full insurance for the retail price to return the item to: Cosmo Barbaro Furniture, 12001 Skyview Dr. Edinboro, PA 16412. 

Cosmo Barbaro Furniture warranties all lighting, structural joinery, veneering and glue surfaces both edge gluing and surface gluing for 5 years.  Finish is not warrantied and daily wear and tear, i.e. dings, dents, scratches, are not covered.


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